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A pre-packaged software program can’t meet every business’s requirements. From Macintosh to PC, drivers to GUI based applications, if your company needs a customized software package, BITS Qatar will collaborate with you to create and test a tailored software solution. We take the time to learn exactly what your business does, and how you do it, and design software especially suited to you.

From concept to execution, we’re flexible enough extend your existing development team, or as an outsourced research and development department. We use our technical and business knowledge to develop applications that fit your budget and delivery schedule. We develop with cross platform compatibility in mind, meaning that if you ever decide to move to another platform down the road, your transition will be cheaper and easier. Our experience developing applications in various programming languages and on numerous platforms allows us to make intelligent decisions in selecting the best platforms and software architecture models for you.

We have quick customizable Trading (BITS Trade ®) and ERP (BITS ERP ®) suite tailored especially for Qatar Market Standards and is readily available on your choice of Modules, Reports and Dashboards.

Please mail to with your requirements and queries.

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