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BITS has been helping leading names in the industry through our well balanced portfolio of Applications, Business Process Outsourcing, Infrastructure services, and Consulting solutions. We help you manage change to drive your business performance and help derive maximum value from IT investments.

Banking and Financial Services

We enable our Financial Services customers to not only meet the challenges of the time but also anticipate changes in the dynamic business environment they operate in. We bring specialized technologies & solutions, significant domain depth, and operations improvement capabilities in Banking, Financial Markets, Cards, Payment Systems and Insurance that deliver sustainable, long-term benefits to our clients.


The Healthcare and Life Sciences industry worldwide is witnessing rapid changes. Today, technology aids everyone, right from patients and practitioners to pharmaceuticals, hospitals, labs, clinics, insurers, etc. Minimized medical errors, increased customer satisfaction, improved tracking, increased reporting, safety, security, and compliance with quality standards have become top priorities for Healthcare companies. As a best-in-class health information technology innovator BITS has collaborated with numerous Customers to develop, implement, and provide cutting-edge solutions to emerging challenges in Healthcare.


BITS offer a range of services specifically designed to cater the needs of construction industry that can effectively work and enable a corporate to optimally utilize their resources. The multiple product variants and services are custom designed to add value across construction business functions.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas solutions from BITS and its partners are based on the world's most cost-effective, functionally rich IT platform that helps create a more secure computing experience. This platform ensures our solutions are interoperable with a wide variety of systems to help people collaborate locally and globally across traditional data boundaries and gain streamlined access to information. These solutions uniquely amplify the efforts of people, creating winning relationships with customers, partners and regulators.

Transportation and Logistics

BITS bring in strong domain knowledge in the Transportation and Logistics industry through our strong experience in Applications, Business Processes, and Infrastructure services. Our solutions cater to Freight, Logistics, Airlines and Travel and Hospitality. We provide logistics services, covering all areas of carrier, forwarder and integrator processes. We offer full-fledged web based solutions for freight forwarding Industry. We have solutions for Air, Sea and Land Cargo management for freight forwarding companies. We acquired the domain expertise through many years of research in the freight forwarding Industry.

Information and Media

BITS innovative and custom-focused solutions help wired, wireless, broadband and cable service providers redefine their markets with solutions that help them become more agile, reduced operations cost, and introduce new generation technologies & services. Our instant access to industry solutions, best in breed technology and resources along with our market leading partners that know your business well are some differentiators that will set you apart from your competitors.

Retail & Consumer Goods

BITS partnering with leaders in the Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods industry in a diverse number of segments such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping malls, department stores, grocery, specialty, etc. offering a wide range of technology & services. We understand Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods are highly buyer centric and dynamic industries, and keep pace with the changes through our industry focused offerings and solutions that enable you faster time to market with lower cost of ownership.

Travel & Hospitality

Every hospitality organization views their people as their greatest asset. Organizations grow and thrive because of the quality of the people on their team. When you empower your people with the right technologies & systems, they're enthusiastic, feel valued, and provide superior service. The exponential growth in the hospitality industry has resulted in host of complex issues that need swift and proactive measures in operations, customer relationship management, back office processes, etc. BITS power you with the right tools and technologies for the travel & hospitality industry.


BITS help governments become more alert in delivering citizen-centric services and public value. We provide support to all forms of government IT requirements and enable them to use information technology to meet new and evolving challenges.


BITS provide manufacturing solutions that are dynamic to respond to the emerging trends and demands of our Customers. With over 10 years of global delivery expertise, BITS provides a unique proposition to align manufacturing to the strategy of your organization.
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