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Consulting - Web Designing | Portals and Content Management
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Your website and Facebook page is the 'very first thing' most of your clients will ever see about you...

Today, more than ever before - we all use the internet to find the latest information, best deals and services. Having a professional website will make all the difference because your website is the 'very first thing' most of your clients will ever see about you. A professional website creates a credible relationship with your customers and communicates a competent approach. We all need that!

It doesn't matter if you are self employed or have a company employing 500 people; if you don't have a professional website and Social Media accounts, you are losing business to the other companies that do.

Or has your website long passed its sell-by date? Perhaps you should really bring your presence on the internet up-to date.

Why would you choose us to develop your next web site?

'BITS' is a full service digital marketing, development and web design agency based on Doha, Qatar. Our expertise in the web design industry goes back to the early 90's where we began creating attractive, high ranking web sites - particularly for the hotels and tourism industry.

Today we are engaged in the successful production of challenging web projects in many diverse industries on an international level - projects that win awards. And we integrate Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook into everything we do.

Today BITS is at the heart of many successful websites.

We are Joomla! Professionals - We love Joomla!

We specialize in the design and development of quality search engine friendly CMS websites (Content Management System) crafted around the award winning Joomla! and Drupal frameworks. That means we create websites that you can update yourself without any technical experience and without our help. Wow!

We adore Drupal - the worlds best open source PHP CMS

Plus, all our sites are professionally optimized and marketed to rank high in the search engines - because regardless of how attractive your web site looks, if it can't be found, you won't be getting any visitors.

Our professional web design and development services

Our combined services include web design and development using Joomla or Drupal CMS, eCommerce solutions, custom programming solutions, Social Media marketing and search engine optimization and marketing (SEO & SEM). We'll even install, setup and get your 'FaceBook' and 'Twitter' accounts moving for you.

Not sure what kind of web site you may require?

Look at our pages about CMS web sites, eCommerce web sites, Hotel Web sites or Real Estate web sites. Perhaps you just require a standard 'static' web site. If you are unsure what all this means or what type of site will work best for you... contact us and we will be pleased to advise you.

Do you already have a website?

If yes, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the site meet my expectations?
  • Can it be found in the search engines?
  • Has it increased my productivity?
  • Has it made my business more efficient?
  • Has it freed up valuable employee work hours?
  • Does it compliment my image and build my brand identity?
  • Does it give me the competitive advantage I need?

    It goes without saying that if you answered 'no' to any of those questions you are probably not taking full advantage of what the Internet can do for you. Well, by reading this, you have already taken the first step to solving the problem.

    Now you can contact us and we will be pleased to advise you. Or simply send us a web site proposal request!

    We don't abandon our clients when a project is completed

    Reading our client testimonials you will be surprised to learn that we don't abandon our clients once a project is completed. We keep a healthy relationship with each client and do our best to ensure sites continue to improve their rankings in the search engines. We know only too well that the best publicity is word of mouth and that the success of each every one of our clients remains the foundation of our success. We'll stick with you!

    Our Web Design Objectives - Your Advantage

    As internationally renowned web design Professionals our objective is to provide quality web design and development services to our clients and to improve their visual image with solutions that are customized to fit both their needs and budget. Of equal importance, we deliver our projects on time. Take advantage of that!

    CMS Website Design (Content Management System)

    So what is a CMS web site?

    CMS or a 'Content Management System' quite literally allows you to control and manage the content within your web site - without technical training. Using this uncomplicated system you can very easily add, delete images and edit text in your web site on the fly. You can also have an unlimited number of pages and a full site-search engine. What's more... with 'Navega Bem - Web Design' you can have a highly professional CMS web site at a very reasonable price indeed!

    If you are already familiar with 'Content Management Systems' then click here to see the advantages of our Joomla! or Drupal CMS solutions.

    Users with no programming or HTML experience?

    Simply put, if you have just a little experience with Microsoft Word then you will be able to manage the content of your own web site very easily indeed. You need have no programming or HTML experience. Editing can be done with any normal web browser from anywhere in the world - or with your iPhone :)

    Why should you opt for CMS?

    Many companies find it difficult to keep their web site content as up to date as they would like. Often there are delays getting new content online, the site stagnates and your clients get to see outdated information. That’s why so many companies are turning to CMS.

    A CMS web presence allows you to manage your web site even if you have no technical knowledge, experience with HTML or web site design. It also reduces the calls to your web design agency or IT department for changes to the web site. CMS reduces the time required to publish, allowing you to get your content on-line faster. This is a very important issue for any professional web site.

    Why call 'BITS' to develop your CMS website?

    You have read some really amazing things about CMS on this page. Having a web site that you can manage yourself is the perfect solution for most companies.
    However, you need a professional company to design and develop your site. BITS are professional Joomla developers. Our sites are featured in many online design portfolios. Our sites not only look good - we market them so that they perform well and bring you hits and business.

    In the field of web design you really do get what you pay for. Let's face it - it doesn't matter how little you paid for your website or how attractive it is. If it can't rapidly be found in the search engines then it is losing money for you every single day. Now that is a very expensive website!

    Once 'BITS - Web Design' has developed your CMS site, it belongs to you. There are no monthly fees - no license fees - no maintenance fees - you are not tied to us in any way. You login to your own website to control your own content. You have complete independence and total control! If you should require any support, we are there for you.

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